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About Julie Matern

Clean Regency Romance Writer

I began my writing career with historical fiction for middle grades as both my parents were born in London during WWII and I was fascinated with the bravery of the people and their willingness to endure rationing. I wanted to write a book that would engage young readers and at the same time educate them on the era.

I wrote two books in a series entitled British War Children about children who are bombed and consequently evacuated to the country.

My love for all things Jane Austen led me to try my hand at Regency Romance. I have written three Regency Romance novels (The Secret of Haversham House The Governess of Banbury Park and Misfortune is a Rolling Tide).  In addition, I have recently completed a new series The Women of Worcester - "Four eligible, quirky sisters. Four different and unconventional personalities. Can they find four perfect husbands?" 

I also write a Cozy Mystery series under a pen name Ann Sutton - Dodo Dorchester Mysteries.

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