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A feisty, young gentlewoman on a quest to serve the poor in her community. A handsome, young curate whose sights are set on Africa. Can they make peace to serve together? 

Feisty Genevieve Deverell is an enthusiastic humanitarian who has had little time for romance…until now. St John Vaughn is a young, handsome curate, biding his time until he can raise funds to go on a mission to Africa.

When the recently arrived cleric belittles Genevieve’s attempts at charity as parochial, her ego is wounded and in retaliation, she criticizes his foreign missionary ambitions for ignoring the plight of the downtrodden in his own country. Their conversation becomes heated with the pair finding no common ground and they determine to avoid each other at all costs—an unpractical decision in a small, country community.

However, when a visit from the curate’s sister pulls back the curtain on the motives for his lofty ambitions, Genevieve’s heart begins to soften, in spite of St John’s loud declarations that he is not in the market for marriage.


Can she succeed in changing his mind? Can he forgive her former condemnation?


Genevieve is the third novella in the Women of Worcester series.

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Four eligible, quirky sisters. Four different and unconventional personalities. Can they find four perfect husbands?

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When I write regency romance I try to channel Jane Austen. I want to get into her mind and take my readers on a journey that she might take them on.

With children's historical fiction I want to enlarge their vocabularies and their minds.

With my Cozy Mysteries I endeavor to imitate Agatha Christie, whose writings made me an avid reader.

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I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!

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