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Art is her passion until she meets John Brier 

Felicity is the youngest of the four talented Deverell sisters. Her gift is art and when her brother-in-law suggests that she would bloom under the instruction of one of Italy's finest art teachers, her parents agree--if they can accompany her.

In another part of Britain, the only heir to the Marquess of Kent, Maximillian Quince, is also a gifted artist, but his world is much more limited than Felicity's. He devises a plan that he hopes will allow him to go to Italy in order to complete a course of study under the famous Senor Designare. He proposes studying under an assumed name, and after some persuasion, his father agrees, confident that his privileged son will not last long as the bourgeois, John Brier.

When the two young artists meet in Florence, there is a mutual attraction, but Max is bound by his honor not to reveal his true identity while Felicity tries to smother her feelings for the man she believes is far beneath her in station.

Will she ever learn his true identity and allow her heart the freedom to love him?


Felicity is the fourth and final novella in the Women of Worcester series.

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Four eligible, quirky sisters. Four different and unconventional personalities. Can they find four perfect husbands?

My Novels

When I write regency romance I try to channel Jane Austen. I want to get into her mind and take my readers on a journey that she might take them on.

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With my Cozy Mysteries (Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series and Percy Pontefract Mystery Series) I endeavor to imitate Agatha Christie, whose writings made me an avid reader.

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With children's historical fiction I want to enlarge their vocabularies and their minds.

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