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Marketing books in the 21st Century

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

If you want to be an author today you have to accept that you must also become a marketer. Amazon ads and algorithms, facebook ads, bookfunnels, newsletters. These are all necessary tools in your marketing toolkit if you are to compete in today's competitive marketplace.

It is not something you can learn all at once - especially those of us who are older than tech savvy Millennials. Gone are the days of the reclusive writers who maintained a certain level of mystique. Today's popular authors have to shed any shyness and show their faces to the world, often in public appearances, live videos or on YouTube.

If this fills you with a healthy amount of dread, never fear. There are plenty of successful authors who are willing to share their knowledge for free or you can take their courses.

“Today authors, whether traditionally published, indie or hybrid, must learn how to market their work. ”

The difference between a successful author and one who doesn't sell books is often more about how much they know about marketing and how much they are willing to spend on ads. So buckle up and do your research! You can be a bestseller too!

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