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Book 5


Aristocratic star she may be, but when her new love’s sister is implicated in a murder, Dodo Dorchester rolls up her designer sleeves and plunges into the slums of London.

Dodo is back from the moors of Devon and diving into fashion business for the House of Dubois with one of the most celebrated department stores in England, while she waits for a call from Rupert Danforth, her newest love interest.

Curiously, the buyer she met with at the store, is murdered that night in the slums of Limehouse. It is only of passing interest because Dodo has no real connection to the crime. Besides, pursuing the promising relationship that began in Devon is a much higher priority.


However, fate has a different plan. Rupert’s sister, Beatrice, is arrested for the murder of the very woman Dodo conducted business with at the fashionable store. Now she must solve the crime to protect the man she is fast falling in love with.


Can she do it before Beatrice is sent to trial?

The wait is over.  Ann Sutton's murder mystery is here! Thrilling and entertaining, once you start reading it you cannot put it down.  Plan on losing a night's sleep to see who dunnit. 

Todd M

I loved the first book in this series and I just received the second. Bye now, I'm off  to read it.

Mary W B

It's about time we had a modern day Agatha Christie.

Paul K

I have read both book plus the sequel. Great series.

Louise T