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Book 10


The hottest American jazz band, fresh from New Orleans. A clandestine party full of ‘bright young things’ in the middle of London’s East End. When murder kills the celebration, will Dodo catch the culprit before Scotland Yard? Or will she be the next victim?

When a legendary New Orleans jazz band arrives on Britain’s balmy shores to play at a clandestine jazz party in a deserted warehouse, Dodo is more than excited. But the jubilant atmosphere takes a dark turn when a shocking murder occurs right under her nose.

With her keen mind and charming demeanor, Dodo dives into the case, navigating through a labyrinth of clues, motives, and potential suspects. As the tide of suspicion ebbs and flows, Dodo must navigate the fascinating and cut-throat world of jazz before the killer strikes a haunting final chord.

Close the blinds, grab your favorite drink, and curl up with this fun, suspenseful Golden Age cozy mystery today!


The wait is over.  Ann Sutton's murder mystery is here! Thrilling and entertaining, once you start reading it you cannot put it down.  Plan on losing a night's sleep to see who dunnit. 

Todd M

You are a brilliant writer with so many different characters, some intensely annoying, scenes, tragedies and of course murders in every book. I really don't know how you come up with all these brilliant ideas. I must admit it takes me most of my time trying to work out the guilty party. However, sometimes I just make a stab at it and then get it hopelessly wrong. Shows what a good author you are and how you keep me engrossed in each book.

Doreen R

It's about time we had a modern day Agatha Christie.

Paul K

Ann Sutton I think I speak for many here when I say "I'm positive that Dame Agatha would love your books as much as I do"..... Excellent character building, I felt I knew and still know all of them. The storyline was brilliant and I never ever would have expected the shock ending. 

Cheryl I

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