The trick is to create a sleuth you want to visit over and over again. I hope you find that Dodo Dorchester is such a character. Unlucky in love but adept at solving crime, she navigates the world of high society with graceful intelligence and panache.

Murder Farrington Final Cover.png
Murder at Farrington Hall

The Honorable Lady Dorothea Dorchester - Dodo to her friends - and her sister Lady Diantha, are invited to a fun weekend party at Farrington Hall. The weekend begins with a lot of promise until disaster strikes. A theft leads to murder and Dodo is called upon by her hosts to help the police, who are less than happy to have an amateur interfering. Can she win them over and solve the crime?

Murder in Fashionable  Final(2).png
Murder is Fashionable

Stylish Dodo Dorchester is a well-known patron of fashion. Hired by the famous Renee Dubois to support her line of French designs, she travels between Paris and London frequently. Arriving for the showing of the Spring 1923 collection, Dodo is thrust into her role as an amateur detective when one of the fashion models is murdered.  Working under the radar of the French DCJP Inspector Roget, she follows clues to solve the crime. Will the murderer prove to be the man she has fallen for?


Murder at the Races Final.png
Murder at the Races

No stranger to the world of horse racing, Dodo Dorchester is thrilled by an invitation to Ascot that includes an audience with the king and queen. Unfortunately, one of the members of Dodo's party is murdered which brings Chief Inspector Blood to the scene. Sparks fly as they follow clues to solve the crime.

Cover Murder on the Moors.png
Murder on the Moors

When all you want is to run away and nurse a broken heart but murder comes to visit.

Lady Dorothea Dorchester, Dodo, flees to her cousins’ estate in Dartmoor in search of peace and relaxation after her devastating break-up with Charlie and the awkward attraction to Chief Inspector Blood that caused it.

Horrified to learn that the arch-nemesis from her school days, Veronica Shufflebottom, has been invited, Dodo prepares for disappointment. However, all that pales when one of the guests disappears after a ramble on the foggy moors. Presumed dead, Dodo attempts to contact the local police to report the disappearance only to find that someone has tampered with the ancient phone. The infamous moor fog is too thick for safe travel and the guests are therefore stranded.

Can Dodo solve the case without the help of the police before the fog lifts?

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Murder at Limehouse

Aristocratic star she may be, but when her new love’s sister is implicated in a murder, Dodo Dorchester rolls up her designer sleeves and plunges into the slums of London.

Dodo is back from the moors of Devon and diving into fashion business for the House of Dubois with one of the most celebrated department stores in England, while she waits for a call from Rupert Danforth, her newest love interest.

Curiously, the buyer she met with at the store, is murdered that night in the slums of Limehouse. It is only of passing interest because Dodo has no real connection to the crime. Besides, pursuing the promising relationship that began in Devon is a much higher priority.

However, fate has a different plan. Rupert’s sister, Beatrice, is arrested for the murder of the very woman Dodo conducted business with at the fashionable store. Now she must solve the crime to protect the man she is fast falling in love with.

Can she do it before Beatrice is sent to trial?

Murder on Christmas Eve (1)_edited.jpg
Murder on Christmas Eve

Dodo is invited to meet Rupert’s family for Christmas. What could possibly go wrong?

Fresh off the trauma of her last case, Dodo is relieved when Rupert suggests spending Christmas with his family at Knightsbrooke Priory.


The week begins with such promise until Rupert’s grandmother, Adelaide, dies in the middle of their Christmas Eve dinner. She is ninety-five years old and the whole family considers it an untimely natural death, but something seems off to Dodo who uses the moment of shock to take a quick inventory of the body. Certain clues bring her to draw the conclusion that Adelaide has been murdered, but this news is not taken well.

With multiple family skeletons set rattling in the closets, the festive week of celebrations goes rapidly downhill and Dodo fears that Rupert’s family will not forgive her meddling. Can she solve the case and win back their approval?