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The first time using the London underground my husband needed a map to help him navigate the city. Over time, he knew what stops to take, where to make transfers and how long it would take to get from A to B.  He often mentioned to me how it would have been much nicer if he could have just had a tour guide take him around versus him having to learn everything and it would have expedited the "being a tourist" process.  Having no map or tour guide means wasting a lot of time to get around.  This analogy can be applied to writing and publishing a book.  You need a plan to navigate the various steps to become a successful Indie writer.  I want to be your tour guide to help you master the tricks of the trade.  (Similar to how I helped my husband master the London underground).

This website was created for only one reason:  To help you become a successful Indie writer! 

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I wish there was more time in the day to accomplish all the things I want to do.  Being a succesful author is no easy task.  The good things in life typically are not though.

In the future I will be posting useful tips and tricks in areas such as advertising, editing, creating book covers, newsletters, a typical day in the life for me, etc., but for now this section is under construction.



What is the difference between experience and wisdom?   Wisdom comes only through experience and allows you to learn from other's mistakes and insights versus you learning it on your own.  Thus, expediting the learning process.

Before I became an International, Best Selling author I had to learn from scratch how to Indie Publish.  I had many questions and did not know where to start?  It was kind of like walking uphill in sand taking three steps forward and going two steps back.  After a lot of pulling out my hair, asking many questions to anyone that would listen, searching on the internet, attending conferences and leveraging my pool of like minded authors, I have learned many tricks of the trade for Indie Publishing.  Now I want to pay it forward and assist other aspiring authors.

I hope my wisdom will shorten your learning curve.

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